Golden Lineage of Rahe Vander Sufi Order

There is no Sufism (Tariqa) without a Sufi Master/Shaykh. In fact, every Sufi obtains Own lineage of initiation (Byath). 

A Sufi Musters achieve Successive order from own Sufi Master (Pir/ Shaykh). Having such an authoritative Successive authority (Khelafath), one can act as a Sufi Master latterly and may, initiate others as the descendent of own Sufi Order. 

In Sufi perspective a Lineage is also used to write as Silsila, Shajrah and Golden Chain or Lineage of Sufi Masters etc.

The Golden Lineage of Rahe Vander Sufi Order is as bellow:


Shajrah Golden Lineage Sajra Rahe Vander Golden Lineage
Prophet's Day Logo Rahe Vander
Universal Sufi Festival Logo Rahe Vander
Rahe Vander Ennoble Award - Since 2012
Sorup Darpan- by: Sufi Syed Jafar Sadek Shah
Prem Ucchas- By: Soleman Vanderi