Rahe Vander Shaykh Allama Sufi Syed Jafar Sadek Shah

Allama Sufi SYED JAFAR SADEK Shah Al-Rahe Vanderi Damat Barakatuhu Al-Alia is the present Sufi Master of Rahe Vander Sufi Order as the only apostle and successor of the predeceased Sufi Master of Rahe Vander Sufi Lineage (Toriqa). He was named Sayed Jafar Sadek by his Grand Sufi Master Dulha-E Hajrath; The Universal Sufi Saint; Hajrath Moulana Sayed Salequr Rahman Shah (May, Allah accept his holiness) (1848- 1968). He named him while living at Yangon in Myanmar.

He was born on March 21, 1962 corresponding Choitoro 7, 1358 of the Bengali calendar year in his native house which is well known as the Rahe Vander Kadhurkhil Dorbar Sharif (Rahe Vander Kadhurkhil School of Mono Theology) situated at Boalkhali in Chittagong district of Bangladesh.

His father, latterly who became his Sufi Master, Hajrath Moulana Sayed Mohammed Abdul Malek Shah Rahe Vanderi (May, Allah accept his holiness) (1916-1980) initiated him as a Sufi Disciple in his very early age. He was the most eminent Universal Sufi Saint of the Rahe Vander Sufi Order (Tariqa).  His mother Sayeda Sabera Khatun also was a disciple (Murid) of the same Tariqa, was a pious Sufi lady.

He gathered institutional education from Ala Miah Model School, Kadhurkhil Senior Madrsa, and Burishchar Ziaul Ulum Madrasa. He was a blessed student of the famous Islamic scholar Hajrath Moulana Jafar Ahmed Siddiqi of Hathajari and Hajrath Moulana Nurussofa Noiemee, of Rangunia Nurul Ulum Fazel Madrasa. Here, Madrsa means, a school of teaching Islamic religious and social studies.

There a heavenly pietistic Sufi environment was always surrounding him from his childhood due to his parents as mentioned before. He was getting spiritual influence to initiate people from his student life after few years while, his Sufi Master left the world but he delayed and decided to gather more worldly knowledge and practical experience.
In this aspect, Hajrath Moulana Hafez Mohammed Hashem Shah (May, Allah accept his holiness) once ordained, ‘Carry on your duty. If anyone argue with, reply him, you are of mine. My hand of blessings remains upon you’. That great saint (1891-1989) was the firstly appointed successor of Dulhae Hajrath; The Universal Sufi Saint; Hajrath Moulana Sayed Salequr Rahman Shah (May, Allah accept his holiness) who was the founder of the Rahe Vander Sufi Order having thousands of followers there in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar. Hajrath Moulana Syed Jafar Sadek Shah Al-Rahe Vanderi also was mostly beloved to two other Sufi Saints among many others. They were Hajrath Moulana Mohammed Ishak Shah of Mirossorai and Hajrath Moulana Siddik Ahmed Vhuyan shah of Chagolnaia (May, Allah accept their holiness).

He lived as a payee there at Al-Ain in UAE for a long. While serving, he reformed a so-called farm to a well established trading company by his dignity, trading excellence and farseeing methodology.

He gathered vast knowledge about various interreligious faiths especially on Hinduism and Buddhism. He studied Veda, Rāmāyaṇa, Vagavad Gītā, Christian Bible and the Injil Sharif (Bengali version) etc.

A lady named Rehana Aktar of Rawjan area became as his first initiated Sufi Disciple and Sayed Mohammed Shaiful Alam Naidu is the first among the gents by the year 1995. He married with Sayeda Nargis Akhtar, the youngest daughter of Late Mohammed Sultan Ahmed and Sayera Khatun of Fouzdarhat in view of his mother’s heartiest desire in 1999, when he was 37.

Since 2001, he again started to live in native land and devoted firmly to serve the society and the Sufi Order, specially to develop own disciples whose were waiting on his way desirously for his vastly enlightened knowledge worthy relates to creator.
Thus thy way, now a days, we are graceful to the Almighty to get him within us as an accomplished Sufi Master to lead the Rahe Vander Kadhurkhil School of Mono Theology (Rahe Vander Kadhurkhil Dorbar Sharif) and the entire community. He initiates none but him who, is in quest of Allah and his Prophet Mohammed (May, peace of Allah be upon him and to his followers) in the aspect of ‘Kalma Sahadath’, dislikes those whose, are in quest of worldly benefits. In his perspective, a Sufi Master is not necessary to perform obligatory five time prayers, to keep fast, Pilgrimage, Jakath or even Dhikir. However, is essential to know those which; I know not, to watch that which; haven’t seen yet and to realize which; is out of one’s realization.

He established 5 organizations; those are the Association of Rahe Vander Affectionate, the Scholars’ Association of Rahe Vander, the Youth Association of Rahe Vander Affectionate, the Rahe Vander Multimedia and the Rahe Vander Sufi Musicians’ Association. All those organizations are organizing and performing a number of annual and monthly Socio-religious events, likewise: publishing Annual Event Calendar, Regular Magazine, Books, various publications to develop social awareness, Sufi Gathering, Lecture Program, ORS Festival, Universal Sufi Festival, Mystic Musical Program, Blood Donation Ceremony, Free Treatment program, Rahe Vander Ennoble Award, Short course on Graphics and Multimedia, Multimedia Presentations and many more programs under his superintendence. Among those the Universal Sufi Festival is being observed as a popular international program.

Moreover, in recent days, he is working as the supreme authority of the ancient Rahe Bahnder Sufi Center of Boro Bari at Hathajari and many other newly formed. Among those, the Malek Kutir at port area, Malek Manjil at Mohora and Salekia Hashemia Sufi center of Chagolnaia, Feni district are mostly remarkable.

He used to write essays and Sufi lyrics, he himself a Sufi singer and Musician too. Based on his Sufi lyrics including two others there an audio CD and Cassette entitled, ‘Shaan-e Rahe Vander’ was published in the year 2008 by some of his followers.
He passed a long time of his life as Sufi devotee by serving a numbers of eminent Sufi Saints. Now a days, those of his sacrifice and experiences explored him as a verily enlightened human being in the society. In fact, thousands of eternal lovers are enchanted encountering his supernatural introspective perception and amiable characteristics.

According to the Sufi Masters’ Order he is the 40th descendent Sufi Master. His golden Sufi lineage meets to the Prophet Hajrath Mohammed (May, Allah be pleased upon him and to his followers) through Hajrath Ali Ibn Abitaleb (May, Allah exalt his fame on the day of resurrection).

The creator Allah created human existence (Ojud) by saturating both the physical embodiment (Nofs) and the Sprit (Ruh) simultaneously. The form and reformation of Nofs depends upon the Ruh and the Ruh depends upon the Everlasting Ultimate Mono Existence of Allah. Allah is the primordial and ultimate origin of existence of the cosmic universe. In this perceptual point of view, Hajrath Moulana Sayed Jafar Sadek Shah (May, Allah accept his endeavourer) narrates the theory of Ultimate Relativity as bellow:
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He says, thus the cosmological process, we are reformed belonging to the everlasting ultimate mono existence of Allah. In fact, verily we have to return unto our own origin; the primordial existence; Allah. That can be succeeded only through the Mohammadi Livelihood. It is the righteous straight path (Siratwal-mustakim).
May, Allah bestow us the enclosing success upon thy holy everlasting existence (Khatema bil-khair).
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