Tawhidki Amanat - Kalam of Hajrath Malek Shah Rahe Bhanderi

Since an unidentified age of time, the almighty revealed a numbers of prophet and messenger to teach the progeny of Adam about the ultimate theology of Allah’s monotheism, own indeed fact of cosmology and as well as to let them to be lead upon the righteous path according to which, they became successful to return certainly unto Allah’s own ultimate existence. The ultimate mono- existence of Allah ever first exposed as being saturated within the homo appearance of Adam (May Allah be Pleased upon him) through an incessantly wondering various cosmological process. That process, became quite accomplished morally and physically at the state of human existence (Ojud) of the concluding Prophet Hajrath Mohammed (May, peace of Allah be upon him and to his followers). Hereafter, the phenomena of guidance successively remains continued according to a transmitted process named Khalip (Moulahiath- Bilayath- Khilafath) through his ‘Ahlebyath’ form the end of the prophetic era (C. 632) to the sustaining. This is the main stream of Islam, the successive order of Masters (Successive Masters’ Order/ Moulahiath/ Bilayeth).

Gausul Azam; Hajrath Moulana Sayed Ahmed Ullah Maizvanderi (1826- 1906) (May, Allah be pleased upon his holiness) succeeded as the 37th successive descendent of that Pietistic Islamic Spiritual lineage. He had a millions of followers who are well known as Maizvanderi. The well spread Maizvanderi Sufi Order has been named according to the name of his village. He was the spiritual apostle of Sufi Master Hajrath Abu Shahama Mohammed Saleh Al-Qaderi Lahori who, also known as Hajrath Saleh Lahori (May, Allah accept his holiness) and latterly also was blessed by another famous Sufi Saint Hajrath Delwar Ali Pakbaj (May, Allah accept his holiness).

When the main stream of Islam became certainly abolished after the pathetic incident of Karbala (C. 680) then, because of persecuting influence of state politics the remaining a very few of them due to keep the continuity of successive Moulahiath for the welfare of whole generation, used to lead their life as a very poor somewhere likewise a mad. In the meantime, the orthodox Islamic scholars who, were favorably influenced by the state politics; allies with the royal civilian class of late approximately 200 years of the prophetic era became successful to mark the mentioned main stream of Islam as a diverted erroneous minor sect of the religious society and named them Sufi. According to this miserable reformation of time, the Islamic successive order of Masters proclaimed as the successive Islamic Sufi Order. Though, the Rahe Vander Sufi Order is an extended lineage of that inscribes Moulahiath but in this rational point of view, we also would like to introduce us as the Rahe Vander Sufi Order. Although, the philological meaning of the word ‘Sufi’ is extremely related to our phenomenal movement but the term, ‘Sufi Order’ is a term of testimony that, expose the age of cruel extortion and sufferings of  our preceding Successive Masters (May, Allah accept their sacrifice, holiness and all).


Shaheb-Al-Ojud Al-Quran; the universal pole Qutub; Hajrath Moulana Sayed Salequr Rahman Shah Rahe Vanderi (1848- 1968) (May, Allah accept his holiness) was one of the most famous and illuminating apostle among many other successor of Gausul Azam; Hajrath Moulana Sayed Ahmed Ullah Maizvanderi (May, Allah accept his holiness). His holy Shrine is situated at Raja Nagar of Rangunia thana in Chittagong district. The Sufi Master named him ‘Dulha’ (The blessed son) while meeting ever first. Since then, he became entitled as ‘Dulha-e Hajrath’ (The blessed son on the Sufi Master). Meanwhile, he is also well-known as ‘Raaj-e Dulha’ and ‘Raja Nagari’ according to the name of own native village Raja Nagar. His followers used to write the title, ‘Rahe Vanderi’ in view of own Sufi Order with his name. A huge number of people became initiated to him as Sufi Disciples. He acquainted them with the evident convictive initiation (state of ‘Eyeen Al-Eaqeen’) of ‘Kalama’. He appointed some of the disciples as own apostle to succeed his spiritual process there in his native land Bangladesh, Myanmar, India and Belgium.

The independent re-organizer of Islamic Monotheism; Hajrath Moulana Sayed Mohammed Abdul Malek Shah Rahe Vanderi (1916- 1980) (May, Allah accept his holiness) was likewise an ever illuminating light among all other successors of his Sufi Master Dulhae Hajrath (Dulha-e Hajrath) due to own desire free servitude to Allah moreover; knowledge worthy and honesty. He lived at Kadhurkhil union of the Boalkhali thana in Chittagong district of Bangladesh. There the Khankah of Hajrath Moulana Sayed Salequr Rahman Shah (May, Allah accept his holiness) was established before more than 7 decades. Afterwards, it had been entitled as the Rahe Vander Kadhurkhil Dorbar Sharif (Rahe Vander Kadhurkhil School of Mono Theology) as an accomplished school of Mono-theology by the presence and Sufi rituals of the most eminent Sufi Master Hajrath Moulana Sayed Mohammed Abdul Malek Shah (May, Allah accept his holiness).

Now a day, it seems like a radical center to re-spread the reorganized thought of Mono-theology in the aspect of Rahe Vander Doctrine across the globe. Hajrath Moulana Sayed Zafor Sadek Shah (b. 1962) (May, Allah accept his endeavourer) is the present Sufi Master of the Sufi Order. He succeeded the predeceased Sufi Master of the order Hajrath Moulana Sayed Mohammed Abdul Malek Shah (May, Allah accept his holiness) likewise the every past.

The founder of Rahe Vander Sufi Order; Hajrath Moulana Sayed Salequr Rahman Shah (May, Allah accept his holiness) himself named his ‘Tariqa’ as the Rahe Vander Tariqa means, Rahe Vander the School of theology (School of thought of the Rahe Vander Sufi Order). The philological meaning of the term ‘Rahe Vander’ means, ‘the way to a natural deposit of such minerals’ or ‘an abundant source; store: a mine of information’. In the Islamic Sufi perspective, the word ‘Mine’ indicates the primordial everlasting mono-existence of Allah (Khajnjan Mukhfiean). According to ontological view, this is originally a Persian term. The word ‘Rah’ is of Persian vocabulary; also is being used in Urdu language expressing the same meaning, ‘the way’. Here the voice ‘E’ is concluded at the end of previous word to conjunct with the following principle word ‘Vander’ according to Persian language. As usually, to mean a natural mine the word ‘Vander’ is used in Persian language. On the alongside, the word ‘Vander’ is also being used in his native Bengali vocabulary. It means a treasury or a store of wealth in Bengali language which is a similar meaning too. In the above all circumstance, through the Philosophical perspective of the Rahe Vander Doctrine the term exposits, ‘the righteous way toward the ultimate mono-existence of Allah’. It also can be written as Rah-E-Vander or Rahe Vander.


The very early state of initiation of this Sufi order is to be acquainted with ‘Allah’ as well as ‘Mohammed’ the ultimate intention of the creator Allah. By own introspective quest and desire free servitude according to this philosophy, a human being may achieve the state of ‘Nofs-e-Mutmaen’ which, lead him gradually to the state of ‘Fana’ than to ‘Baka’ so that, finally will be returned as own primordial existence unto the Ultimate existence of Allah. Therefore, it is beyond to say that, seems the very logical name forever.

Depicting such a state (Haal), a famous devotee of the Rahe Vander narrated:

  • An enamour caused by ethereal love
  • Ridiculed by the society so called
  • Symbol of sacrifice as he remains
  • The beloved exists at his every blink


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