56th URS-e Hayati observed at Rahe Bhander

“Awliyas’ {Walī (Arabic: ولي‎‎, plural ʾawliyāʾ أولياء)} rank is so high in the judgment of Allah. Their prayers get acceptance to Allah. People become blessed when they come in contact with them”.

Rahe Bhander Sufi Community has observed the 56th URS-e Hayati (Khelafat Ceremony) of Sultanul Arefin- Ajad-e Mujadded-e Zaman Hajrath Moulana SYED MOHAMMED ABDUL MALEK Shah Rahe Bhanderi (Q.) (1916- 1981) at Rahe Bhander Kadhurkhil Dorbar Sharif, Chittagong on October 23, 2017 according to Kartik 08, 1424 Bengali calendar.

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