Jihad defined Sufi Syed Zafar Sadeque

Allama Sufi Syed Zafar Sadeque Shah said, to fight (Jihad / جِهَاد) against the Naf’s within own-self is the greatest fight (Greatest War / Jihad Al-Akbar).

At the state, when a Mu’min (believer servant of Allah) restrain own-self from all the evil work for the sake of Allah due to fear and devoutness (تقوى / Taqwa) and strive hard to dedicate himself towards Allah then he achieves satisfaction by doing each righteous work and performing rituals.

Allama Sufi Syed Zafar Sadeque Shah, the surviving Grand Shaykh of Rahe Bhander Silsila proclaimed these while addressing a monthly Sufi Session observed at Ismail Shah Manzil located at the Ispahani Port Gate in Mohara of Chittagong City.

Among others, the occasion was also attended by Assistant proctor of Rahe Bhander Kadhurkhil Darbar Sharif- Dr. Syed Aref Hossain, President of Rahe Bhander Publications’ Association- Syed Mohammed Sultanul Alam Khokan, Organizing Secretary of the Association of Rahe Bhander Affectionate- Moulana Syed Moshiur Rahman Rahat, Central President of the Youth Association of Rahe Bhander Affectionate- Syed Mohammed Shaiful Alam Naidu.

On October 29, the session ended following a concluding prayer (Akheri Mujanat) after Dorud & Salatu-Salam (Qiaam).

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