Zikr-e Mustafa & Zikr-e Gausul Azam Mahfil Observed

Youth Association of Rahe Vander, Chittagong Port Chapter of Bangladesh organized a Zikr-e Mustafa & Zikr-e Gausul Azam Mahfil. It was Observed on 25 November Friday night.
Rahe Vander Silsila’s Grand Shaykh Allama SUFI SYED JAFAR SADEK SHAH (Hafezahullah Bissan-e wa attaqrim) attended as chief guest on the holy occasion.  Shaykh SADEK SHAH is also the
– Sahajjada-nashin of Chattogram Darbar Sharif
– Initiator of Holy Prophet’s Day, August 29
– Founder of Sultanul Arifeen Cadet Madrasha, Karnaphuly, Chattogram.
– Organizer of Universal Sufi Festival
– Founder of Rahe Vander Ennoble Award
The Shaykh said, “Amantu Billah” means, to bring Allah and Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) within owns-elf. To be introduced with Allah and Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is the ultimate part of IMAN (Islamic Faith). Allah is Rabbul Alameen (Creator of the entire universe), Prophet Mohammed is the Rahmatullil Alameen (Blessings of All for the entire universe) and Gausul Azam is the (redresser of all grievances for the entire universe), he added.
He also argued, to utter the Kalima-Shahada is not enough to say, I bear witness. “As-Hada” means to bear witness as an evident / direct witness, who has achieved practical experience about the fact. He influenced people to gather such an state of IMAN through an sagacious Sufi Guide/ Shaykh (Al Murshid Al Qamil).
He said, all the Ahal- Al-Baith members of Prophet (pbuh) are a part of our IMAN. We should love them. Our prayers / Dua will not be accepted without them.
A number of Rahe Vander Silsila’s Khalifa local community leaders also  attended the holy gathering beside many others. The Mahfil ended following the enclosing prayer (Akheri Munajat) and Tabarruk distribution.

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