Prophet’s Day enhance global peace process: Dr. Arif

Prophet's Day Dr Arif


Author: S A Medu, Rahe Bhander Information Desk, Correspondent: Iqbal Hosain

RAHTAP, the Rahe Bhander Tarun Ashekan Parishad (Youth Association of Rahe Bhander Affectionate) called upon a central committee meeting at their civil office Khaja Villa located in the Chittagong metropolitan city, Bangladesh.

They called the meeting in association with the Prophet’s Day Organizing Committee where a huge number of followers of the Rahe Bhander Sufi Order and senior officials and executive members of the organization took part to submit opinion and depict a Roadmap how to observe the “Prophet’s Day” on August 29, 2013. The meeting also attended by some senior members of the Association of Rahe Bhander Affectionate, Scholars’ Association of Rahe Bahnder, Rahe Bhander Multimedia and Sufi Musicians’Association of rahe Bhander.

Rehe Bahander Sufi Order is one of the widely profound Sufi Lineage in the South Asian countries as Bangladesh, India and Myanmar etc. which was founded by Hadrath Moulana Sayed Salekur Rahman Rahe Bhanderi (1848-1968). He was one of the most eminent apostle among hundreds of the Universal Sufi Saint- Gaus Al-Azam Sayed Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi (1826- 1906). Worldwide for the first time initiating Socio- Religious program “Prophet’s day” is being organized by the Rahe Bhander Kadhurkhil School of Mono-Theology, the school of thought of the Rahe Bhander Sufi Order which was established by his apostle independent re-organizer of Islamic mono-theism Hadrath Moulana Sayed Mohammed Abdul Malek Shah (1916- 1980). The founder of the event “Prophet’s Day” Hadrath Moulana Sayed Zafor Sadek Shah (b. 1962) is the surviving Sufi Master.

“In the contemporary era of so-called Islamophobia and religious extremism; the Prophet’s Day is to commemorate August 29, 570 AD as the appearance ceremony of our beloved Prophet Hadrath Mohammed (May, peace be upon him and to his followers). In fact, we ought to step ahead with our ultimate afford to observe the day successfully”, said Dr. Sayed Arif Hosain the president of the Association of Rahe Bhander in his speech while addressing the civil gathering as the Chief Guest. “This is a socio-cultural event, we initiating to the entire global community to enhance social awareness to reform global peace by indoctrinate to respect all the Prophet’s of every religion as well as to love and respect each other among communities beyond individual religious identification or sect”, he concluded.

The meeting discussed the topic defining every possibility. S A Naidu while presiding the civil members meeting as the President of RAHTAP, there a valuable speech was delivered by Sayed Moshiur Rahman Rahat the Secretary of the Prophet’s Day Organizing Committee. He delivered a written speech focusing the budget as well as prescribing many other principles. He asked everyone to attend and contribute the budget. It is to note that, Rahe Bhander Sufi Order do not follow any open money collecting program. In contrary, they depends upon own afford from the very beginning.

The hours long meeting which held on August 16, 2013, also attended by the vice president of the Association Alhajj S. A. Khokan, Scholars’ Association President- Moulana Abul Kashem, G. Secretary- Moulana Tanbirul Islam,  RAHTAP Vice President- Md. Nazim Uddin, General Secretary- Engineer Iqbal Hosain, Organizing Secretary Sayed Faisal, Sayed Muslem Uddin Suhan, Md. Yasin, Sayed Sujon, Moulana M Ataur Rahman, Advocate Ibrahim Bipu, Md. Rashedul Hasan Shahed, Press Secretary Jebol Hosain, Publicaton Secretary Saloo Theen, Emran Hosain Joney, Tushar Hasan, Md. Faridul Azam, Md. Rabiul Islam, Md. Nazim Uddin Rubel, Moulana M Soroar, Md. Nazrul Islam, Md. Ali Azam, Md. Rashed, Md. Mizan Khan, Md. Sohel, Md. Rasel, Meer Jahed, Delwar Hosain and many others.

The meeting dismissed after the thanks giving speech of the president following the recitation of taken decisions according to the agenda.


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