“Prophet’s Day” is not fictional creation: Sufi Master

Prophet’s Day observed on August 29

Prophet's Day August 29 2013 01

Surviving Sufi Master of the Rahe Bhander Sufi Order argued the global community to observe August 29 as Prophet’s Day, a socio-religious awareness growing day among the society. He was preaching a Sufi gathering while gathered as a ceremony of Prophet’s Day celebration.

To commemorate August 29, 570 AD, the 1443rd appearance day of the beloved Prophet Hadrath Mohammed (May, Peace be upon him and to his followeres) according to Solar year, the Socio- Religious occasion “NOBI DIBOS” means Prophet’s Day observed on yesterday August 29, 2013 for the very first time in the world. This was organized by the Rahe Bhander Kadhurkhil School of Mono-Theology (Rahe Bhander Kadhurkhil Dorbar Sharif) the school of thought of the Rahe Bhander Sufi Order. It was declared by the Sufi Master of the Rahe Bhander Sufi Order Hadrath Moulana Sayed Zafor Sadek Shah (May, Allah accept his endeavor) previously on July 7 as “NOBI DIBOS” means “Prophet’s Day”.

As a day long program, was started from a mass gathering beside the Jamiatul Falah Mosque of Chittagong Metropolitan City earlier at 9.00 am. A motor showdown including Sufi Music began at 9.30 am holding various colors of Banners, Festoons and Placards.

While beginning, the motor rally was attended as the honorable guests from Maizbhander Dorbar Sharif by Hadrath Sayed Osman Qader Maizbhanderi of Amin Manzil, Hadrath Sayed Sahadat Uddin Maizbhanderi and Hadrath Sayed Nazrul Huda Maizbhanderi of Rahman Manzil, Hadrath Sayed Noor Hosain Maizbhanderi, Sayed Maruf Bin Qader and Sayed Arif Moinuddin of Amin Manzil, Sayed Abu Huraira Nozibullah and Sayed Tariqat Ullah of Hashem Manzil, Sayed Atiqul Islam of Wahab Manzil, Sayed Shaiful Islam of Naser Bhander, Dolilur Rahman Rajapuri of Comilla Rajapur Dorbar, Moulana Zafor Sadek Ahadi of Harual Chari Dorbar, Dr. Moulana Yakub Ali of Sultan Bhander,  Hadrath  Shafiqur Rahman Arman of Master Bhander Dorbar, Syed Nesar uddin Masud of Azam Bhander, S M Abul Hashem Maizbhanderi of Ujir Awlia Dorbar, Mufti Saleh Sufian of Bisso Moulana Manzil, Sayed Shafayet Ullah of Ejabath Ullah Dorbar among many other prominent Sufi Masters and a huge number of devotees of different Sufi Centers of the region. The rally ended at Rahe Bhander Kadhurkhil Dorbar Shafir of Boalkhali Thana by crossing various roads and highways of the City.

Among a number of prominent Sufi Masters and Islamic Scholars; Hadrath Dolilur Rahman Rajapuri of Cumilla Rajapur Dorbar, Moulana Sayed Moinul Islam Jonayed of Ahla darbar sharif and Sayed Ahmedul Haque Alo of Gomdondi Ahmadia Haque Dorbar addressed narrating the perspective of “Prophet’s Day”. They were addressing to the massive holy gathering which took place following the afternoon prayer for a long. The surviving Sufi Master of Rahe Bhander Sufi Order Hadrath Moulana Sayed Zafor Sadek Shah presided over the preaching ceremony.

He argued the global community to observe Prophet’s Day each August 29 as a socio- religious awareness growing ceremony across the world beside many other national and international socio- cultural days. Religious extremism as well as the firmly developing irresponsible trend to slander upon the ever respective Prophets of the human civilization enhancing conflict in the society, some crafty are choosing it as a money and fame making opportunity, he added. He said, this occasion of Prophet’s appearance day has been being observed in this Rahe Bhander over decades but in different title. My Sufi Master Hadrath Moulana Sayed Mohammed Abdul Malek Shah (1916- 1980) observed this day along with

his close relatives and dedicated followers. Later, I asked my Sufi Brother Late Sayed Mohammed Ullah Shaker to observe this day as the appearance day of beloved prophet according to typical calendar and he did it without and farther quarry. It was may be in the year 2000. It is not our fictional creation. He signified that, we and Allah are of same group because; Allah loves Mohammed (Peace be upon him and to his followers), meanwhile, we also love him. He concluded, global peace is not a “magical verse” that will establish peace in a while without afford. Unless reform mutual trust and respect among religious communities “Peace” will remain as nothing but a worthless word. We are initiating this “Prophet’s Day” to the global community as our step ahead to indoctrinate the thought of Love and Peace among the society once again. I welcome the entire world to focus upon the perception of mutual trust and respect beyond individual religious and sectarian identification. We love our prophet (Peace, be upon him) in fact, we ought to love every prophets (Peace, be upon them) and their followers too.

A Sufi Semmah Mahfil according to Maizbhanderi Sufi perception held at midnight. There the Programs of day ended by offering the concluding prayer (Akheri Munajat) for peace and prosperity of the global community.

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